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What You Need to Know About Preventative Maintenance for Commercial HVAC Systems

If you’ve ever had to replace an HVAC system in your home, you know it isn’t cheap. Now, imagine replacing an HVAC system for an office. If you’re seeing dollar signs, you’re right. Fortunately, a lot of the costly repairs on HVAC systems- commercial and residential alike--can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Because HVAC systems account for so much of your business’s energy costs, it’s important that they’re performing as well as possible. Preventative maintenance will increase their energy efficiency so you can ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Commercial HVAC Service

Choate's Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing is a trusted company that serves homeowners and businesses in Tennessee. We offer a wide range of commercial HVAC services, including 24/7 emergency service. Our technicians are all licensed and NATE-certified. We're also experienced with almost all types of heating and cooling systems. 

An efficient HVAC system can help you lower your utility bills. It also prevents sudden system malfunctions and costly repairs. You can maintain the efficiency of your unit by getting a commercial HVAC service tune-up. We provide professional HVAC maintenance as well as repairs and installation services. Our technicians can also help you choose the right heating and cooling system to install for your building. 

If your heating and cooling system is over 10 years old and is no longer efficient, it might be time to replace it. Call us so our technicians can inspect your unit and advise you whether it would be more cost-effective to get it repaired or if it's better to get a replacement. 

What Types of Commercial HVAC Systems Exist?

There are about six heating and cooling systems you can install for your building. Which one is suitable for your space depends on the local climate, building design, insulation and air quality. Talk to us to help you determine which type of heating and cooling system to install for your building.

Commercial HVAC System Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Below are the different HVAC systems you can install. Talk to us if you need more information or assistance to help you decide which type of system is right for your building. 

Single-Split System

If you're running a larger commercial space, this type of system may not be right for you. A single-split system has a furnace, one compressor, a refrigerant and an evaporator coil. It's ideal for small offices or commercial buildings. A single-split system can only heat or cool individual rooms, so it won't be ideal for shopping malls or larger buildings. Go for a multi-split system instead. 

Multi-Split System

With a multi-split HVAC system, you will have one outdoor unit and several indoor units can be connected to it. The multi-split system is ideal for larger buildings, and you'll be able to control the temperature of each room.

Variable Air Volume

VAV systems are ideal for small offices as the system allows different rooms to be separately cooled or heated. Its key components include the supply ducting system and zone temperature control. It also includes the VAV terminal box, which consists of the damper, airflow sensor, filter, fan and system controls. A few of their advantages include reduced noise, longer parts life and energy efficiency. 

When it comes to maintenance, the VAV system may require more because it consists of more parts. Talk to us if you need more information about the different types of HVAC systems; our technicians are happy to discuss this with you.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

This type of HVAC system uses a refrigerant when heating and cooling commercial spaces. With VRF, you'll have a single compressor that serves multiple indoor units. This lets you individually control the temperature of each room in the building. Its biggest benefit is energy efficiency. This type of system is also quieter and less bulky. Although the VRF system is easy to install, we recommend you get in touch with us to install the unit correctly. If you're running a small commercial space or mixed-use offices or facilities, this type of system might be ideal for you. 

Constant Air Volume

One of the most affordable HVAC systems you can install for your commercial space is the constant air volume. However, CAV units aren't best for commercial spaces with multiple cooling or heating zones. If your building has fewer windows, this type of system might be best for you. 

Talk to us if you can't decide what type of HVAC systems to install for your commercial space; our experienced technicians can help you make an informed decision. 

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are installed outside of the building, and the single unit can both cool and heat your property. These types of HVAC systems are usually ideal for sports facilities or schools. Heat pumps aren't ideal for commercial spaces in areas that get almost freezing temperatures. 

Let Us Help You Find the Right HVAC System for Your Commercial Building

Choosing the right HVAC system for your building can be difficult if you're not familiar with the different heating or cooling systems you can install. Our team is here to help you decide. 

Our technicians can visit your commercial property and check the space as well as the insulation. We'll help you determine which type of system you can benefit most from. We have over 60 years of experience in the industry, making us a highly reliable source. Our technicians are skilled, competent and knowledgeable when it comes to heating and cooling systems. 

Get in Touch With Us

If you're looking for an experienced technician for HVAC repairs, installations or maintenance services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our top priority is to help businesses conserve energy and maximize the efficiency of their heating and cooling systems. We can achieve this goal by providing high-quality repairs and installation services at every appointment. Our technicians work hard and don't cut corners to ensure all problems are resolved promptly. 

For more than 65 years, Choate's focus on quality work and attention to detail has established its reputation as a leader in the community. Call us today at 901-250-2508 or schedule an appointment online today!


Commercial HVAC Services


Coolers, Freezers, Ice Makers, Water Fountains, and Soda Fountains

Air Conditioning

Roof Top Units and Package Units, Split Systems, Air Handler Units, Fan Coil Units, Exhaust Fans, Make-Up Air Units, Select Chillers, Server and Telecom Room Units and VAV’s


Boilers, Furnaces, Hanging heaters, Electric Heaters


Make-Up Air Units (MAU), Energy Recovery Units (ERU), Exhaust Fans, Dehumidification, Air Handler Units, Fan Coil Units, and Air Turnover Units


In a business you have enough to worry about without air conditioning and heating failures. Choate’s offers preventative maintenance plans to keep your business running the way it should. Choate’s would be happy to tailor a custom maintenance plan for your business.

Custom Sheet Metal Shop

Need something custom-built for your business? We can create whatever you need in our in-house custom metal shop.

Questions To Ask Your New Commercial HVAC Company

1. Are You Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a potential commercial HVAC company, but you’d be surprised how often people forget to ask. Licensed HVAC technicians are backed by knowledge, experience, and training. Working on HVAC systems takes a good deal of skill so be sure your technician has the proper training to take on the job.

Any HVAC company you hire should be bonded and carry insurance for your area. Accidents do happen on the job, and you want to make sure your HVAC company’s insurance foots the bill if something occurs. Contractors and companies that fail to provide the proper credentials and insurance are not worth the risk.

2. Have You Worked with a System Like Mine Before?

HVAC systems are not one-size-fits all. Make sure your HVAC company has experience with systems like our own. Ask for references and follow up with them to determine how well they service and repair similar systems. You may also ask for recommendations about improving your system’s performance to gauge their level of knowledge.

Any HVAC company you hire should be bonded and carry insurance for your area. Accidents do happen on the job, and you want to make sure your HVAC company’s insurance foots the bill if something occurs. Contractors and companies that fail to provide the proper credentials and insurance are not worth the risk.

3. Who Will Be My Point of Contact?

You’ve probably got plenty of other things on your plate beside your HVAC system. You shouldn’t have to try to chase down your HVAC company to discuss its performance and maintenance issues. Find out if your company will keep you up-to-date on any repairs or services performed.

If your Commercial HVAC company is hard to get in touch with, fails to follow up, or are no-shows, it’s time to find one that truly deserves your business!

4. What Types of Equipment and Brands Do You Install, Service, and Warranty?

You’ll not only need an HVAC company that’s familiar with your system, but also one that can provide services for any preferred brands you may have. Inquire about the equipment they sell, install, and service before you decide to hire them.

Any HVAC company you hire should be bonded and carry insurance for your area. Accidents do happen on the job, and you want to make sure your HVAC company’s insurance foots the bill if something occurs. Contractors and companies that fail to provide the proper credentials and insurance are not worth the risk.

5. Will You Make Sure My HVAC System Meets Code Requirements?

Your HVAC company should review the installation of your commercial HVAC system during maintenance to make sure it meets code requirements.

6. What are Your Payment Terms?

You likely have preferred methods of payment and payment terms within your business. Find out what the company offers as far as payment terms, deposits, and credit checks. Your accounting department will thank you!

Commercial HVAC FAQs

We have experience installing numerous commercial air conditioning and heating systems. With our in-house sheet metal shop we can customize any job to your need. If you want a company who is willing to work with you in determining the best solution, then you’ve come to the right place!

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